Humanism has slightly different meanings for different people.  For our purposes we will define it by the values which are universal to all humanists.

First, all Humanists believe that there is no supernatural power that has control over our lives.  

Second, we rely on reason and scientific principles, rather than  more....
These are Our Values and Our Work
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Mental Illness, Homelessness, Drug Addiction: Do These Sound Like Crimes?

Why are we letting these serious social problems be handled by the criminal justice system?

     Click this link to learn more about overcriminalization and watch 3 videos:



We meet at Panera Bread, on Sundays 9:30-11:30 AM, 771 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach. We will be showing the 3rd episode in Stephen Hawking's Genius Series, "Why Are We Here"
There are new prospective members coming!  Contact Eric: 561-670-3984 or eaveltri @ live.com for more info. Also see us on http://www.meetup.com/West-Palm-Beach-Humanism-Meetup/
No god can give humanity immortality; we must use our science to work for it.